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US Embassy report lists common crimes in Kenya

The United States Embassy has released a report listing common crimes in Kenya.

The report dubbed 2021 Country Reports and Human Rights Practices in Kenya, was released four months before the August 2022 polls and urges its citizens to be cautious during this electioneering period.

The crimes include police brutality, forced disappearances, and mistreatment of workers.

Other common crimes are torture, life-threatening prison conditions, arbitrary killings and arrests, and interference with privacy.

The report also suggests free speech, violence against journalists, and corruption as some of the other challenges.

“The governmental Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) which was established to provide civilian oversight of police has investigated numerous cases of misconduct,” it states.

“Interference with the freedom of association, peaceful assembly and activities carried out by activists was also rampant in Kenya,” it said.

The US Embassy also recently issued a fresh security advisory to its citizens ahead of the political season.

It said that this week and next week, the country will witness protests and demonstrations over the results of various parties that are conducting primaries.

US asked its citizens in Kenya to always carry proper identification which includes a US passport and a current Kenyan Visa.