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No more ‘mama fua’ as US firm launches laundromats in Kenya

Kenyan entrepreneurs interested in the laundry industry are set to benefit from the launch of commercial laundromat by an American firm Alliance Laundry Systems.

The company is targeting entrepreneurs from major urban centers in the country who will receive full laundromat store concepts with all operational and technical support.

It will also provide operational and technical support.

The firm’s Regional Sales Manager, Jean-Paul Mailhac said the demand for laundry services makes Kenya the ideal place to start a laundromat in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

“We have already witnessed that Kenyan entrepreneurs are passionate about a laundromat. Kenya is the country from where we have received the most inquiries by far. It is quickly becoming a need in this society as people spend a lot of time and effort on their looks,” Mr Mailhac said during the launch.


“For the majority of Kenyans living in urban areas, owning a washing machine is a considerable investment. The normal practice is washing by hand, an inefficient and environmentally damaging process. With an emerging market for Laundromats, this task can be easily and efficiently taken over,” Mr Mailhac explained.

Laundromats reduce the cost one would incur in running a washing machine from their homes.

“A Laundromat can professionally clean and dry laundry, making garments look newer, last longer, feel better, eliminating the need to own an expensive machine,” Mr Mailhac said.

To ease their entry into the country, Alliance plans to have a number of demonstration events in Nairobi to explain in detail all benefits their laundromat concept has to offer later in the year.

Alliance Laundry Systems currently operates in 140 countries worldwide.