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US Navy Band, Yale Glee club entertain Mombasa residents with vernacular hits

Mombasa recently played host to two exceptional music groups from the United States, and their performances left music enthusiasts awed by their respective breathtaking performances.

The Yale Glee Club and The US Navy Music Band left the city’s music enthusiasts spellbound with their breathtaking displays of talent.

The Yale Glee Club, which is a renowned choir consisting of more than 80 members, recently graced the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa with its stunning performances.

The school together with the choir decided not to charge for the concert so as to allow Mombasa residents to attend the show in plenty.

Led by conductor Jeffrey Douma, the choir captivated the audience with their spectacular renditions of both local and international repertoires.

They didn’t hold back in showcasing their versatility, and even performed a spiritual traditional song from the Luo community, titled “Sigalagala”.

The audience was left amazed as the choir sang the Dholuo lyrics with eloquence and finesse.

However, it was their closing performance of a Luhya gospel song, “Namuvamba”, that truly brought the house down.

The audience couldn’t resist the urge to rise up and cheer while swaying along to the rhythm.

The choir’s impressive choreography demonstrated their connection with the audience, who were left feeling honored by the group’s efforts to arrange and perform songs in Kenyan languages that they themselves had struggled to understand.

Besides the harmony achieved by the Sopranos, Altos, and Tenors was nothing short of extraordinary, leaving the audience in a state of sheer bliss.

The choir’s impeccable synchronization and flawless execution were so captivating that the arena went silent, and one could hear a pin drop. Jeffrey Douma, the conductor, wore a wide grin as he led his talented choir, page after page of sheet music flying by as they kept up with his pace.

The polished performance of the Yale Glee Club left the local choirs astonished, and many wished they could have performed better themselves. The level of professionalism and artistry on display that day was truly remarkable and will be remembered for years to come.

After the concert, Douma couldn’t contain his joy and gratitude towards the residents of Mombasa who had attended their performance. Speaking to Nairobi News he expressed his surprise at the packed venue.
“I did not know it was going to be packed this way. Your presence meant so much to us,” he said.
It was clear that the choir had felt the warmth and appreciation from the audience, and the experience had been a memorable one for both the performers and the spectators.

The US Navy band’s performance on the other hand was an unforgettable experience for those who were lucky enough to witness it.

As they played their instruments with great skill and precision, it was evident that they had spent countless hours practicing and perfecting their craft. Their energy and enthusiasm were infectious, and it didn’t take long for the Mombasa residents to be drawn in by the music.

The band’s ability to seamlessly transition between different genres such as blues, jazz, and country was truly remarkable. Whether it was the soulful melodies of the blues or the upbeat rhythms of the country music, the audience couldn’t help but dance along to the music.

The band’s performance was a testament to the power of music to bring people together and create a sense of unity and joy.

“We came to Kenya and Swahili Pot and it has been an awesome time. We all saw the power of music. We have performed with local artists who have loved every bit of it,” said Michael Warren the leader of the band.

The recent performances by the US Navy Band and the YALE Glee Club in Kenya have left a lasting impact on the local music scene. These shows were not just a showcase of world-class musical talent, but also a wake-up call to Kenyan musicians that they could improve their live performances. The passion and energy displayed by the American performers should inspire Kenyan musicians to embrace performance and live their music in a way that they had never done before.

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