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US presidential aspirant praises Maasai artisans as he rocks belt made in Kenya

American billionaire Tom Steyer has revealed what is his favourite wardrobe accessory, that he likes wearing to complement his attire.

Responding to a question by a tweep on Tuesday about a belt he had on, while appearing on a television advertisement, Mr Steyer, a Democrat, said that the belt is one of his favourite accessories, due to what it symbolises and where he bought it from.

The 2020 US presidential aspirant added that he bought the belt in Kenya from a female artisan when he was on a personal trip.

“I have seen a LOT of @TomSteyer ads but none of them have explained this belt,” asked @SeasonBee.

Mr Steyer responded by saying, “Thanks for noticing my favourite belt! I bought it on a trip to Kenya from female artisans. I wear it as a reminder not to be so formal, and also as a symbol that the world is a better place when we educate women and girls.”

The belt is made from different colourful Maasai beads carefully sewn on a leather strap.

“Love your belt Mr. Steyer. It’s attractive and helping a women’s group; like your style,” said @ChuZyrTruth.

“Is it made with tiny beads? Traditional African beadwork is beautiful,” tweeted @Teresa_Canuck.

“I too have noticed that belt in your adds, and love the colours, good on you Tom, I bet it was a very memorable trip and purchase,” wrote @howcrazy.

“It’s a pretty groovy belt,” commented @Britpoptarts.

“Will have to pay more attention to your messages, love the belt & its significance,” stated @opousa3.

“I can see spending time in an ad explaining belts and other various attire,” said @sunnyjim4.

“Asante, Tom, from one Kenyan to another can-be Kenyan. Kenyans take inordinate pride wearing the belt, and a similarly beaded wrist bangle, see photo – the Identity Marque for Kenyans no matter where on this earth! You must get the wrist bangle….also find out their meaning!” replied @olenkarei1.