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US Secretary of State shames Mugabe in death as Zimbabwe prepares to bury ex-leader

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has slammed deceased former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Twitter, even as the African country prepares to bury its former leader.

Mugabe died last week while undergoing treatment in Singapore, two years after he was forced to resign after ruling the Southern Africa country for 37 years.

In a tweet, Pompeo has said Mugabe “devastated a country with enormous potential.”

He also said Mugabe “slaughtered political opponents in the 1980s, used security forces to abuse the opposition and civil society enriched his family and inner circle through massive corruption.”

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has meanwhile described Mugabe as a ‘great teacher and mentor’ and also declared him a national hero.

His body will arrive in Zimbabwe on Wednesday, presidential spokesman George Charamba announced.

It will then be taken to his rural home of Kutama, about 85km Southwest of Harare, before being placed in a giant stadium for viewing.

Meanwhile, flags continue to fly at half-mast in Harare in respect to the departed leader.