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US Senator Rand Paul feels the wrath of KOT after Sh10m jibe

By MWENDE KASUJJA December 24th, 2017 2 min read

Kenyans on Twitter unleashed their wrath on US Senator for Kentucky Rand Paul after he included an expenditure on training Kenyan farmers in a grievance on US spending.

The senator tweeted that $100,000 (Sh10million) had been used by the US government to train Kenyan farmers on how to use Facebook.

This was part of the airing of grievances done on December 23 to celebrate Festivus Holiday.

Kenyas on Twitter descended on the Senator with their guns blazing, telling him how Kenyan farmers are not in need of the training since they are all already on Facebook.

Some even went on to brag of how Kenya has one of the fastest internet connections in the world, and telling the Senator to channel his grievances elsewhere.

Japheth Odonya wrote; “??? Hehehe they should clearly ask their government, we didn’t see this, our farmers don’t need this, if seriously we needed 10M kshs we would do a harambee on twitter or just ask Ruto. These Americans like to joke about Kenya, can they come for their money and keep quiet.”

Chris‏ @Ngaruthi added; “Now they making it look like we farm online! Nobody saw their money they should hold their Govt accountable na watukome kabisa. Shenzi.”

Gathoni @I_am_Gathoni stated; “88% of Kenyan population has access to the internet thanks to easily available mobile phones. Kenya was ranked 14th beating USA at 28 according to the 2017 Akamai report, in terms of data speed connection. Someone pulled a fast one on y’all. #FacebookFarmersScandal.”

Captain Machuka wrote; “So you want to tell us; That our farmers are illiterate and we depend on you to learn the stupid Facebook? Our 1yr kid knows how to browse. What’s this.”

An American Laurie tweeted; “It is a whole lot of money! Do they even have have computers?”

The reply provoked a bare knuckle response; “No we don’t. I am typing this from a cardboard contraption that is connected to some imaginary waves. After which I will slide down the tree and go bath in the crocodile infested river. We are THAT backward you know?Loincloth, crude weapons etc Americans are so damn ignorant?”

Kassim Fadhili wrote; “We have never heard of a training of that sort here in Kenya. Even Zuckerberger was in the country just the other day and nothing of that was even mentioned. Please reconfirm maybe this money was used for golf in US.”