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US students hatch plot to save their Kenyan teacher from deportation

By Nyaboga Kiage February 27th, 2019 1 min read

A group of American high school students have launched a campaign to stop a push by President Donald Trump government to deport their Kenyan teacher.

Teacher Anthony Wanjiru has been denied a new H-1B visa. He is expected to return to Kenya by March 7, 2019.

He has been in the US since 2011 when he won a scholarship to study for masters.

He has been working at Valor Christian High School in Colorado.

So why do the students want him to remain in America? They claim that Mr Wanjiru is goodhearted and always has an ear to listen to them.

In a show aired in a local Denver television channel, one of the students described Mr Wanjiru as “a caring man.”

The students have now kicked off a campaign under the hashtag #AnthonysVisa and all they want is their teacher to remain in the United States.