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‘Used condom’ puzzle in Rayvanny’s new song ‘I love you’

Is it a used condom or a flower petal? This is the question Tanzanian singer Rayvanny fans are trying to find an answer to.

The conversation was sparked by an online user who brought to the attention of netizens a scene in the artistes new song titled I love you, where what looks like a used condom left on the bed is captured on the song’s video.

The scene has the main video vixen lying on the bed.

However. as she moves to one side to show off a tattoo on her waist, what appears to a section of netizens to be a used condom is revealed (watch video from minute 2:08 to 2:10).

Rayvanny and the video vixen are rumoured to have developed a romantic relationship, although the video vixen known as Nana has refuted the claims.

Rayvanny and the mother of his child Fahy Vanny separated in November this year with the latter saying she was fed up with the marriage and the singer should forget about her and their son Jaydan.

She also said she will fight to raise their child and that she isn’t desperate for child support from the musician, whom they have been together for five years.

This is how Kenyans online reacted to Rayvanny’s used condom puzzle.

“Maybe it was part of the shoot,” said Felix Mwandala.

“Haha Kenyan Facebook FBI,” wrote Baba Larry.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean she is the one who was chewed. We don’t know who chewed who. I maintain that that cannot be intentional…,” commented Neville Lemein.

“So there was only 1 white petal? Ebu slow the video uangalie pole pole. Hakuna petal hapo,” stated ivy Wakina.

“It is a condom my friend… hizi za 50 bob kwanza. It is very clear!” said Kiarie Ngaruiya.