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USIU student goes missing as family fears for the worst

A family in Nairobi is searching for their 20-year-old daughter who went missing last week on Thursday after leaving her home heading to a city university.

Joy Ayuma left her parents’ house in Nyayo Embakasi at 7am and was heading to the United States International University (USIU) located along Thika Road.

Her father, Mr Ommani who spoke to Nairobi News on phone, said the family had experienced difficult times as his wife and mother are sick.

“We had a talk on Wednesday evening where we agreed that she defers her semester studies to enable her attend to her ailing mother at home,” he said.

After the discussion, Joy promised to inform the University’s registrar on Thursday morning about the decision to defer studies, then meet her father at the hospital where her grandmother was admitted.

On Thursday when she left the house, her ailing mother was in bed. No one knows the clothes she wore.


The first born in a family of three and the only girl in the family is then said to have texted a friend at the University telling her to meet her at 11 am at the school.

“The friend later told us that she texted Joy at around 11 asking where she was and got no reply. She later called her and she was not picking up,” said Mr Ommami.

The father called her at around mid-day to find out if she was still going to visit her grandmother but Joy never picked up the call.

“We kept on calling and even called the school registrar to ask if she had been seen at the institution and they said they never saw her,” he said.

Joy’s phone is reported to have gone off at around 6pm that Thursday, sending the family into depression.

“We waited for her and she never came back. We are appealing to anyone with information about her whereabouts to inform the family or police,” said her father.

The family is currently mourning the death of Joy’s grandmother who was admitted at hospital and her mother is still ailing.

The International Relations second year student has been missing for a week now and the family urges anyone with information to contact her father through 0724838102.