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Utter nonsense! Betty Kyallo refutes claims that she only dates rich men

Media personality Betty Kyallo has rubbished claims that she only dates rich men with big expensive cars.

Through her Instagram stories, Betty shared a screenshot from a Facebook account that she confirmed is a fake one bearing her name.

In the post, the imposter claimed that she dates men with big cars and lots of money.

“I have standards. I can’t date a man who doesn’t have a good car, good cars mean TX or V8. If I date a man who owns a probox, it’s like insulting my standards. I can’t date a man whose salary is less than mine and whose car is not better than mine. I urge my fellow women to set standards, better date a sugar daddy than boys struggling to breathe,” the post reads.

But Betty has now responded to the post, asking her fans not to believe everything they read online. The former TV news anchor also said everyone’s hustle is to be celebrated, and asked her fans to ignore the post.

“Utter nonsense. Fake! Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. We all gotta work hard no easy way out. That’s the only thing I always advocate for; Hard work. Also, everyone’s hustle and journey is to be celebrated. We all have to start from somewhere… But I understand people must create fake stories to make a living or just get clicks. Cars don’t impress me,” she said.

Speaking recently during the launch of her reality show, Kyallo Kulture, Betty said that she would never dump a man for cheating, rather dishonesty is what would break her relationship.

“You know when I was young, it was cheating, but I think I have been character-developed and I’m like for me, it is very deep things like dishonesty,” she said.

The former KTN news anchor added that when it comes to her choice of partner, the man has to have the capacity to treat her well.

“If they don’t have the time and the capacity, and I’m not talking about money, the intention to treat somebody well, those are the things that matter to me,” she said.