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Valentine’s Day: Forget about flowers and go for clothes instead

Men, you do not need to sweat it out going to buy loved ones flowers and chocolate.

For, according to an opinion poll released by Ipsos on Thursday, most respondents in Kenya prefer clothes and related items as gifts on Valentine’s Day.

The survey also showed that a majority also wants to receive clothes.

This preference trumps red roses, cards, chocolate, wine or even a lovers’ getaway, which have been associated with the day.

The research firm polled 534 women and 541 men and found that over 70 per cent of urban dwellers are aware of Valentine’s Day.


Clothes topped the list of the gifts, with 31 per cent saying they would buy their loved ones clothes.

Red roses came a close second with 28 per cent saying they would express their passion with a bouquet of flowers.

Eight per cent said they would express their sentiments by writing a card and a having special candle-lit dinner. Only 7 per cent said they would treat their loved ones to lunch or buy them shoes.

Most respondents (22 per cent) also wanted to receive clothes, 13 per cent expect red roses while nine per cent said they would love a romantic dinner or shoes.

Only seven per cent are hoping for a card or a bar of chocolate while two per cent want a bottle of wine.

Amounts to be spent varied, with 74 per cent planning to spend below Sh5,000, eight per cent will fork out between Sh5,000 and Sh10,000, while 13 per cent are likely to spend between Sh10,000 and Sh20,000.

Only 4 per cent will spend more than Sh20,000.


A majority said that this day is important to them. About 37 per cent described it as very important to them, with 67 per cent saying they plan to celebrate the day.

Amongst those who will celebrate, 80 per cent will do so with their romantic partners and 11 per cent with friends. Seven per cent feel that the day is best spent with family members.

The report further reveals that Kenyans are mellowing with time as 70 per cent believe the day will be romantic, up from 52 per cent who felt the same way last year.

More than 54 per cent think that Valentine’s Day would be a good day to get engaged.

Love expectations appear to be evenly matched, with 40 per cent of single women expecting their loved ones to propose.

About 63 per cent of single men polled say they will not be popping the question. They will, however ,spend some money to mark lover’s day.

To set the mood for the day, 75 per cent expect to buy a gift or have a Valentine’s Day activity this year, while 25 per cent do not.



It will not be bloomy for all this Valentine’s Day.

The Ipsos report further reveals that 24 per cent of their respondents will not celebrate as they are single.

About 22 per cent said they did not believe in the day while 12 per cent will not celebrate because they are broke. Some said their wallets have not recovered from the Christmas spending spree.

Only 1 per cent dismissed the day as a woman’s folly. Whatever, your opinion is, many hearts will rejoice or be broken this Valentine’s.