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This Valentine’s Day wish by lonely Nairobi woman cheers up netizens

By NAIRA HABIB February 12th, 2018 1 min read

An online user has left netizens in stitches with a strange Valentine’s Day wish posted on Facebook.

In the post on the popular Facebook group Kilimani Mums and Dads Uncensored, the woman revealed how her relationship status and financial circumstances will hinder her from celebrating the day.

The distraught woman wishes for a catastrophic weather on Wednesday to ruin everybody’s Valentine’s Day plans.

Specifically, she prays for heavy rains and lightening on Valentine’s Day that will help remove the roofs of lodges and houses where couples will be enjoying their time together.

“Since I’m single and not going out on Valentine’s day due to circumstances beyond my pocket and love status, I pray for heavy rains dear Lord with lightning and thunder that will remove all the roofs of lodges and houses where sex will be taking place.


“Flood all the walkways and driveways. Let them swim and have sex on trees if they are real men and women,” she wrote.

Here are responses she got.

“That’s my prayer too,” said one online user.

“Amen,” stated another online user.

“Hahaha funny,” wrote one online user.

“Zero chills,” commented another online user.

“Eti? Wacha wivu bana,” said one online user.

“Mbavu inauma…..anyway……AMEN,” retorted another online user.

“Just accept ur self don’t b jealous,” advised another online user.

“Ushindwee shetani mbaya ww,” commented one online user.

“Hehehe, no weapon formed against s#x on this day will prosper,” said another online user.

“Iyo nwivu Aki!! Acha watu wafanye vle wanataka,” said another online user.

“You will remain single till you have a good relationship with God……let’s say amen,” responded another online user.