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Valentines’ edition: 5 Kamene Goro’s fire babygirl nuggets of wisdom

Before leaving the popular radio station, Kiss FM, where she hosted the breakfast show, Kamene Goro used to share her two cents with women in a segment she dubbed ‘Babygirl’.

Most women in the country, if not all would tune in to the morning show simply to hear from the sassy, curvaceous, and boldly outspoken radio personality who never failed to share her thoughts on societal matters, especially those that revolved around men and dating. 

Among other things, Kamene would pride herself as an experienced woman in many areas of life, that her sentiments on current affairs moved the masses, attracting an equal measure of criticism as much as love.  

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In this edition, we look at 5 pieces of advice the talented media personality shared during her reign as Kiss FM radio presenter.

  • Babygirl fame is totally overrated

After coming across a video of a woman twerking on stage half naked, Kamene shared on one of her morning shows that women should not go to some extent to gain popularity. She advised women that the internet never forgets and that their acts will soon haunt them. 

“Fame is totally overrated. It’s not worth it. You don’t have to remove your clothes to get noticed. Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, whatever it is you’re going for, I can guarantee you you don’t have to remove your clothes for you to get that.”

“Another thing, there are so many people recording. The internet never forgets, trust me I know. It does not matter what you achieve but 20-30 years down the line that video is what will define you.”

  • Babygirl stop embarrassing yourself

“We are living in a society that has every single stereotype against women. It’s so hard to get ahead because you’re either labeled a slay queen, a ratchet, underqualified, not qualified, and so on, and then you go falling into the same narrative. Stop embarrassing yourself.”

“No matter the situation or the justification, babygirl you need to learn how to control yourself. As women, we have the power of restraint.”

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  • Babygirl be selfish with your time and space

Babygirl ringa yako yote. I find it very unnerving to see how available ladies have become. Available to people, opportunities, basically anything. Be selfish with yourself. Be selfish with your time. Be selfish with the people you accord your time and company because let me tell you something if you’re going to avail yourself to everything, hivyo sasa ndio value hushuka.

People will walk all over you if you don’t set those parameters. 

  • Babygirl don’t allow yourself to be silenced

I have been in institutions where I was silenced simply because I am a woman. Create your own position on the table, and if you can’t build your own table and be loud, proud, and successful enough that they will not be able to ignore you.

It’s unfortunate that women are still being silenced. Babygirl, go out into your hustle and be a loud and proud woman. 

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Radio presenter Kamene Goro. PHOTO | COURTESY
  • Babygirl work hard to live a lavish life

If you like nice things and want to live lavish lives, please work hard because interacting with different men is not working hard. We can no longer allow ourselves to be slaves to men. 

Work hard for yourself if you want a nice life and baby girl treatment. You can sustain yourself. You become a commodity to a man when you constantly depend on him financially because now there’s a price on you.

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