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Vampire woman kills three children, eats intestines

A woman confessed to killing three children among them her son in Nairobi’s Korogocho slum on Tuesday.

The 20-year-old woman is said to have slit open her week-old son’s stomach, removed his intestines and ate them before going to her friend’s house and killing two other children.

Her friend, Nelius Muthoni, 23, said she knocked on her door at 6.10am. When the door was opened, the attacker quickly shut and pushed a couch against the door before she started strangling her.

“She kept asking me why I named my son Peter Kimani and asked if I knew that my mother-in-law had been eating me. She said a lot of things and even said that there were demons inside me,” she said.

Muthoni, who is recovering from a Caesarean Section done 10 days ago, struggled and slipped away from the assailant’s hands.

Relatives of Nelius Muthoni whose two children were killed in Korogocho on Tuesday.
Relatives of Nelius Muthoni whose two children were killed in Korogocho on Tuesday.


Her daughter, Nyambura Gatei, 4, and Peter Kimani, 10-days-old, were on a bed.

“I ran out of the house to seek help from neighbours and when they arrived, they found her holding my son by the neck and under her feet was my daughter. She was stepping on her neck,” Muthoni said.

The neighbours pushed the assailant out of the house and tried to help the children but they were announced dead at a nearby clinic.

When she was pushed out of the house, the 20-year-old is said to have run to the Korogocho Administration Police post where she reported that she had killed her child.

“As we were interrogating her, neighbours who learnt that Muthoni’s children had died also came here. They wanted to beat her but we shielded her,” Kariobangi chief Nyabuto Omache said.

The mob stoned a police vehicle that was taking the suspect to Kariobangi Police Station. She was later taken to Huruma Police Station because the irate crowd followed her.

The chief said that when she questioned the suspect, she claimed to have killed her son and eaten parts of his body.

A neighbour who was at the police post said the woman did not seem shaken and even asked for a soda at some point.


The self-confessed killer is said to have been living with her aunt in Korogocho after she separated with her husband at ‘Sewage’ in Huruma.


Muthoni said she had been friends with the attacker since February last year. They were in the same self-help group for the last seven months.

“We disagreed at some point but we reconciled and there was no bad blood between us and so I don’t know why she had to kill my children” she said.

Police spokeswoman Gatiria Mboroki said the suspect will be in police custody and will be charged once investigations are complete.

She will also undergo a mental examination, Ms Mboroki said.