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Vanessa Mdee: Why I do shows with my boyfriend Jux

Celebrated bongo flava songbird Vanessa Mdee has opened up on why she has lately been doing music tours accompanied by her hunk boyfriend and fellow singer Juma Jux.

A few years ago, the two lovebirds never used to accompany each other to shows.

Back then, when Jux was asked why that was the case, he responded by saying that they wanted people to understand there is a huge difference between their relationship and their musical careers.


But is seems their love has blossomed after they got back together following a six-month breakup.

The script has now changed and the two, who recently concluded their national tour, have offered a different reason for their newfound closeness.

According to Vanessa, her reason for tagging along Jux to every of her concert is to prove to people that there is more to them than just being lovers.

“I did the tour with Juma because we are a couple. We wanted to show people that even though we are lovebirds, we can as well do great shows together as musicians with each of us bringing a different kind of energy,” Vanessa said.