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Vanessa Mdee joins a list of celebrities on an alcohol-free lifestyle

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee, currently residing in the US, recently disclosed that she has refrained from consuming alcohol for the past four years.

While enjoying a vacation with her partner, Rotimi, Vanessa shared a video capturing the purchase of champagne, emphasizing that she abstained from drinking it due to her four-year sobriety milestone.

In her own words, she expressed pride in this decision, considering it one of the best choices she has ever made.

“I don’t drink alcohol I’m almost four years without an alcoholic beverage I’m so proud of myself, its actually one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Her fiancé Rotimi posted a video of their celebratory moments on a yacht, confessing to being slightly tipsy on the occasion of his birthday.

He playfully challenged viewers to judge the appropriate level of intoxication for a birthday celebration.

Vanessa Mdee’s commitment to sobriety aligns with the experiences of various celebrities who have openly discussed their sober journeys in 2023.

In September, former Miss Tanzania, Wema Sepetu celebrated a new year with gratitude and a significant milestone – her journey to sobriety.

The former beauty queen celebrated her birthday with a touching message to herself as she reflected on her life experiences and achievements.

A grateful Wema shared her sobriety journey, explaining her decision to have a big celebration this year.

“I wanted to cut a cake with my very close friends. I am the kind of person who likes to go big if I plan a party,” she said.

“I decided to just chill. I have everything to celebrate – I celebrate my life, but I also celebrate my love life, the blessings that I have been achieving, I celebrate being sober,” she further said.

Wema also explained that she quit alcohol to preserve her relationship.

“I have drunk alcohol all these years, and it has never helped me at all,” she said, while revealing that she has been sober for nine months.

Media personality Janet Mbugua also recently revealed she has been sober for two years.

“I don’t drink, and December will mark two years since I made that choice. It’s a decision I believed was right for me. It’s something I may choose to return to in a year, a decade, or perhaps never.

However, I am not imposing any unrealistic expectations on myself. Making a decision like this can be difficult, but in life, everything can be challenging. It’s about choosing your battles,” Janet shared.