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Vanessa Mdee opens up on plans for baby number three

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee, a proud mother of two, recently engaged with her fans during a live session, offering insights into her experience of raising her children.

During the interactive session, Vanessa’s fans inquired about the potential arrival of a third child.

Her candid response shed light on the realities of parenting.

“Two are enough, and they are even stressing me,” she admitted with a warm smile.

Vanessa expressed deep respect for all mothers, particularly her own, who successfully raised their children without the conveniences of modern technology.

She acknowledged the challenges they faced but admired how they navigated them with grace while ensuring their children lacked for nothing.

“In the past, things were much harder, but they did it with so much grace, and they raised us well. We did not lack anything. It is something I admire,” Vanessa emphasized.

Rotimi, in November 2022, conveyed his desire for a larger family.

Being an only child himself, he expressed a strong desire to provide his son with siblings.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Rotimi, who has one son with Vanessa, outlined his motivations for expanding their family.

“So I want my son, Seven Adeoluwa Akinosho, to have someone that he can count on, that he looks to the left,” he explained. “They know they are going to be there for him. That she looks to her right, and she knows she’s got an older brother going through the same thing at the same age.”

The couple’s decision to have children close in age was deliberate, with Rotimi explaining:

“You know I didn’t want that six, seven-year gap where it’s basically only children, so I wanted them to be very close in age, and Vanessa understood, and she wanted the same thing. It felt like having that companion.”

In addition to their family plans, Rotimi also shared insights into his choice of an African partner, praising the qualities he values in an African woman.

“When you have an African woman, you get a woman who is cautious about our understanding of ‘how to treat a man and how to be submissive,'” he explained during an interview on The Pivot Podcast.

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