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Varsity students fondle Avril’s curves during steamy performance

Aroused male students at Masai Mara University fondled Kenyan songstress Avril during her electrifying performance at the institution over the weekend.

The curvaceous singer, who appears to have enjoyed the attention, has since camped on her social media accounts to recall the events that nearly caused a stampede.

While some male students scrambled to feel her well-rounded bum, others took selfies with it –and she noticed.

Fans taking selfies during Avril's  performance at Masaai Mara University. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS
Fans taking selfies during Avril’s performance at Masaai Mara University. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS

“You see what I had to deal with… Smh (shaking my head) #SpotTheGuyWithTheYellowShirtTakingASSelfie,” the singer posted on her Instagram page.

Avril’s fans who commented on the picture said the man was part of “Team Mafisi”.

“Gosh Masaai Mara University students showed me things,” she captioned another picture.

Avril, who is engaged to her South Africa boyfriend, was performing at the university as part of Mambo Mseto campus tour, which is organized by Mzazi Willy Tuva of Radio Citizen.