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Vera Sidika addresses criticism of her parenting presence

Socialite and mother of two, Vera Sidika, has found herself at the centre of controversy after defending her parenting choices in response to criticism about her perceived lack of time spent with her children.

The outspoken personality addressed the issue during a recent Q&A session with her fans on Instagram, where she refuted claims that she neglects her parental responsibilities.

The discussion was sparked by an Instagram user who questioned Vera’s commitment to parenting, asking why she doesn’t spend more time with her children, particularly when they are young.

This sentiment echoed the concerns of many Kenyans who had been pondering Vera’s priorities as a mother.

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In her response, Vera Sidika firmly defended herself, arguing that she devotes ample time to her children despite her busy schedule.

She asserted that her flexibility as a self-employed individual allows her to spend more quality time with her kids than the average 9-5 working parent.

“I spend more time with my kids than a 9-5 working mom!” Vera said.

She elaborated further, breaking down her daily routine and emphasizing the strong bond she shares with her children.

Highlighting her unconventional work hours, Vera explained:

“I’m not employed. Meaning I have 24 hours to myself every day!!! Whom do u think I spend it with I’m always in the house. Homebody. The bond between us is crazy!!!”

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Addressing concerns about her frequent travels, Vera clarified that even during her time away, she still manages to prioritise her children.

She compared her overall time spent with her kids to that of a typical 9-5 working mother, emphasizing that she surpasses the standard in terms of parental involvement.

“If I decide to travel once every 2 months for say 1-2 weeks, I’m still spending more hours/time with my kids than a 9-5 mom,” Vera reasoned, urging critics to consider the facts before passing judgment.

In conclusion, Vera Sidika urged others not to hastily judge her parenting choices and encouraged them to reflect on their own commitments to their families.