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Vera Sidika celebrates 10 years of being famous

By Winnie Mabel September 21st, 2022 2 min read

For her extraordinary body shape, Vera Sidika started out as a household name – especially among men – before she upgraded to being a globetrotting socialite.

She carries around quite sizeable assets and has the bosom to match. She spent millions of shillings changing her look into a light-skinned woman after undergoing full body bleaching and cosmetic surgeries.

The Kenyan socialite, all her quirks and controversies, is now marking 10 years of being famous and remaining the “greatest of all time in the game”.

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“17 December 2012. This was the date I became famous with the controversial music video. 17th December 2022. This year marks 10 years in fame. Wow! I’ve been famous for 10 good years. Imagine. And still on top of my game. Even when I go silent for months or years, I still trend and somehow get people talking. Even in my absence. G.O.A.T,” wrote Vera on her Instagram stories.

She marked this ‘milestone’ after several of her followers demanded she returns to sizzling people’s Instagram feeds with photos and videos of herself.

Vera has never been one to shy off exposing her body and dancing suggestively to even comfortably watch her videos in public.

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She went silent after she gave birth to her daughter, Asia Brown, whom she conceived with her partner, singer Brown Mauzo. Both their timelines are littered with photos and videos of themselves bonding with Asia.

In the past, Vera was considered the ‘it’ girl on social media for being a controversial socialite. Many women wanted to be her and men wanted to be with her. Aside from her sleazy videos, Vera enjoyed luxury and often flew to Dubai and the United States of America.

Despite several other ‘rival’ influencers coming up, many targeting Vera in one way or the other, the bootylicious babe is always defended by her fans as they claim no one will ever reach Vera’s level.

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