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Vera Sidika deliberately had ‘bad make-up’ for son’s birth video

Socialite Vera Sidika is unfazed by the criticism she has received from haters who think her make-up was done up badly during the birth of her son.

Vera confidently stated that she deliberately chose that particular makeup look to give her haters something to talk about.

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“There is nothing wrong with my make-up. It is exactly how I wanted it to be because I know you all don’t care. I had to give you something to talk about. I’ll see you discussing my make-up,” Vera said.

Vera Sidika confidently entered the hospital for her second delivery.

However, her video announcing the news of her newborn, Ice Brown, drew mixed reactions from fans, especially when it came to her groomed appearance, including her hair, nails and make-up.

Senje Wanjiru expressed her desire to see a completely natural and unfiltered face during the birth experience, emphasising the importance of authenticity.

She felt that the heavy make-up was excessive, although she clarified that her intention was not to criticise Vera as a mother.

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TheeeeBrown commented that Vera should embrace her natural beauty, suggesting that the make-up detracted from it.

The commenter fondly remembered Vera’s minimal make-up during her previous relationship with Otile.

Joseph Mum advised Vera to seriously consider changing her make-up artist, while Shillah_Kerubo expressed concern about treating a newborn with such heavy make-up, mentioning the reactions of the nurses.

Noni_nash noted that the excessive make-up distracted from the main message of the post, but still congratulated the Browns.

NandiKweya expressed concern and suggested that the make-up was becoming disturbing.

Ogutuwinnie sarcastically asked if anyone had ever told Vera that she couldn’t succeed in life without make-up, even in the delivery room, and jokingly described the heavy make-up as “almost yellow”.

Vera also captured a heartwarming moment when her daughter, Asia Brown, visited her in hospital to meet her baby brother, Prince Ice Brown.

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