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Vera Sidika dragged into gay BFF’s drama

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is part of an ongoing drama involving her gay best friend, Maxwell Mwamburi.

The two have been ‘friendship goals’ on Instagram for a while and so, it took many by surprise when Maxwell suddenly bayed for her blood.

In a series of Instagram posts, Maxwell appeared to be going through something and Sidika was one of those ‘somethings’ judging by how he captioned a photo of the two of them.

“Can someone tell this woman to come to apologize to me for what she did and said to me the other day that made me leave her house at 1 am or else I’m coming to expose and roast her without spices!” wrote Mwamburi on Sunday, August 28, 2022.

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In another story, he posted a video of himself crying as he lashed out at followers for attempting to calm him down.

In the video of him crying and the “It Is Well” gospel song playing in the background, he captioned it, “I was so hurt I came back home 2 am crying like a baby.

Huo ujumbe umfikie raundi hii panawaka moto ya balokole!! (this message should get to her because this time around, the fire that is burning is from the balokole).”

Maxwell has been living ‘loud and proud’ for a while now and it would appear he has been undergoing some stress regarding his sexuality and acceptance.

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In several posts regarding his lifestyle, he lashed out at people who attempted to therapize him after revealing that he has acceptance issues from his family.

“Those in my DMs telling me I’m embarrassing my dad and family, I don’t care about what my dad and family think of me!! They can cut me off for all I care.

If me being me will cost family, **** family starting with my biggest bro who has always been insulting me for being me,” wrote Mwamburi.

Fans attempted to ease his spirit regarding this and he told them to take their advice, prayers and sympathy elsewhere because he hadn’t asked for it.

“I have pretended for so long! Damn…hebu tayarisheni inhaler maana pumu zitapanda mjini raundi hii (prepare an inhaler because asthma attack will be intense this time around).” Added Maxwell.

Sidika is yet to respond to the social media warnings regarding their weekend drama.

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