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Vera Sidika explains special meaning of son’s name ‘Ice Brown’

Socialite Vera Sidika named her second child Ice Brown while her first born baby is called Asia Brown.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the proud mother of two briefly shared the process behind selecting the name for her second child.

Ice Brown, who was born on March 3, 2023, holds a special connection to the number three in his life, according to Vera.

She also revealed that she had chosen the birth date for her son.

“His number is three. His name has three letters and he was born at 3 PM weighing 3.35kg. It’s crazy, only dates and time was planned.”

Asia was born on the October, 20 2021 at 10:21 am. Her numbers are two.”

Vera also discussed her preference for giving birth through Caesarean section (CS) and expressed her intention to continue considering this method for all her future children.

In yet another social media post, the reality TV star, Vera Sidika, opened up about her journey through pregnancy and motherhood, expressing both relief and admiration for her experiences.

After enduring two pregnancies within a span of two years and undergoing two Caesarean section surgeries, Vera shared her sense of accomplishment.

She penned:

“Finally done with pregnancy, been pregnant twice in two years. Done two CS surgeries for both. Wow! And still looking fly.”

While acknowledging the challenges that come with motherhood, Vera emphasized the immeasurable rewards it brings.

Through her Instagram stories, she wrote:

“Motherhood is not easy. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.”

Vera had previously revealed her decision to opt for selective Caesarean sections, citing her desire to avoid the pain and potential complications associated with natural delivery.

By choosing this route, she aimed to create a smoother and less stressful birth experience for herself and her children.

Additionally, Vera disclosed that she intentionally selected the date of October 20th for her baby’s birth.

Her rationale was to ensure that her child could celebrate her birthday surrounded by family, taking advantage of the fact that it falls on Mashujaa Day, a public holiday.

Vera expressed her desire for her daughter to have the opportunity to enjoy her special day at home, commemorating it with loved ones.

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