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Vera Sidika hits out at fan amid pregnancy ‘break’ suggestion

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has reacted in fury to a suggestion she should take a break from work as she is expecting baby number two.

Vera did not hold back her fury and went haywire with her shots at the fan for daring to tell her she needed a break from working and partying.

It all started when the socialite, who is married to singer Brown Mauzo, announced she will stage a concert in Bungoma town.

“BUNGOMA tonight come party with me at boss high court lounge behind the governor’s office,” she captioned her social media post.

A concerned fan told her; “You need a break,” something Vera did not take too kindly.

queenveebosset responded to her by saying…@faith.maritim “From what, sucking your man’s D***??? 🙄🙄 or is pregnancy now a disability 🤦‍♀️”

Netizens flooded the comment section in support of the voluptuous soon to be mother of two.

lisah_59@gloriahippo38 exactly, alafu pregnancy sio ugonjwa ati it will stop you from working, people should let Vee be

paulah_3638@faith.maritim lol🙄🙄pregnancy is not a disability… Ona huyu🙄🙄

deliah_dely@queenveebosset wueeeh slow down mama😂

wanza_ray@faith.maritim alafu mtoto akule nini? Let her be she can hustle till the last minute

Not done, Vera took the fight to her Instagram stories and proceeded on to caution her fans about judging her life.

“First of all I spend 24 hours at home. I am not employed and have never been employed in my life. So I don’t work 9-5 to need a break. I work 0-o from my couch bed or at a restaurant having sushi. So I don’t get tired to need a break. You need that break hunny, not me,” she started.

“While you work 9-5, get tired, and still end up at a club to spend money, I rest for 23 hours and get paid by clubs handsomely to just sit and look pretty for 1 hour. Plus drinks, food, security flights everything catered for and paid fully in advance,” she added.

She went on to reiterate; “The next time you want to tell me to take a break think about your life and mine and reflect on who truly needs a break.”

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