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Vera Sidika: HIV rumours broke me down

By THOMAS MATIKO November 12th, 2018 1 min read

Socialite Vera Sidika is a tough girl. The consistent cyber bullying over the years has never deterred her seeking greatness. The more the social media trolls, the  tougher her skin gets.

But there is one rumour that managed to seeped through the armour, one that broke her down.

Online trolls on her HIV status, she said recently, reduced her to tears.

“Before I did the bleaching some people trolled me online, saying I was sick. This was when I started out a few months into the fame. It was hard for me that I cried because they said I was dying of HIV,” Vera said in recent radio interview

Vera, who last week released her first song ‘Nalia’ after breaking up with singer Otile Brown, reaffirmed that she is clean.

“People know that I am clean because I have done several tests online,” she added.

The socialite  said that nowadays she does not mind being insulted on social media.

She believes people who insult her do not hate her, but just love to hate so as to seek attention.