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Vera Sidika: I spend 60k on lunch

Socialite Vera Sidika has been forced to share receipts of her pink-themed baby shower amid reports she was begging for money to fund the lavish event.

The heavily pregnant socialite claims, via social media, that she spent upwards of Sh800,000 to prepare for the event as she prefers not bothering people for contributions.

“They started by saying there was no food or drinks at the baby shower,” claimed Sidika.

“They realized there was (and) now went to make stories to make it look like I’m a beggar. Begging people for money. Sh100K, the same person that spends Sh60K on lunch in a day is the one you claim begged for 100K for baby shower, are you mad? Did baby shower look worth Sh100K to you,” said Vera in Part.

She went on to clarify that the Sh103,000 in question was gifted to her by friends who had created a WhatsApp Group with the aim of surprising her during the Baby shower.

“So the person who shared the rumours did not share that the group was formed by Risper and I was unaware. They made it look like I formed a group so as to beg people for money,” she added.

The former video vixen has been fighting off critics since the day she announced that she is pregnant.

“Haters will be at their single rooms hating on a party they did not attend. How are you not at a party and claim there was no food and drinks. And how is that your business anyway? You are in a single room… claiming there is no food or drinks at a party you never attended and can never even be considered on the guest list.”