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Did Vera Sidika just call out her ex for being ‘small’ down there?

Socialite Vera Sidika is going ham on her abusive Nigerian ex-boyfriend.

This time she used social media to insinuate that he had a small member and was a poor performer in bed.

Vera wrote on Snapchat how most Nigerian men are well endowed citing her eight years’ experience dating them.

She however lamented having come across one with a small member advising all men with small members not to run their mouth.

The posts have since been interpreted by Kenyans online as having been targeted at her ex-boyfriend.


On a popular Chit Chat women group, users wondered why she was unable to move on and stuck with an abusive boyfriend whose sex was bad.

A member wrote; “She was busy saying guys with small D are for dating not marrying, na vile angebambika that guy angeask for marriage, Vera needs to sit her fake ass down.”

Another wondered; “Why did she keep quiet until now they have separated!? why didn’t she leave him immediately after realising his d*** is tiny!? I hate this behavior you date someone afterwards you start talking ill of your x. That is immaturity.”

Another stated, “I love Vera but she’s disappointing me?it’s clear she can’t let go,why is she talking about this guy everyday,when you talk so much about an ex,whether positively or negatively it means you are not over him yet!just shut up for Christ sake!”