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Vera Sidika now wants bigger breasts

Socialite Vera Sidika now says she is ready to go for another plastic surgery to make her breast bigger.

She says she wants to make her boobs to look bigger and juicy.

Vera underwent a plastic surgery for her current breasts.

She made her feelings clear after a fan asked her on social media whether her bottom was real or fake.

“Nyash 100 percent, boobs 100 percent fake soon upgrading boobs to 1000 percent fake. I intend to get some boob job soon, get some juicy big boobies,” Vera Sidika said.

The mother of one has been vocal on the lengths she went to to change her skin colour and body appearance.

She claims to have spent up to Sh15 million in skin brightening procedures including breast implants and dental work.

Vera has been a topic of hot discussion among Kenyans especially for her hour glass shape of big boobs, small waist and big hips that most netizens felt is not realistic.

Although she claims that her bottom is real her fans have questioned whether she might have undergone a plastic surgery to increase the size.

Vera Sidika came into the limelight after featuring as a video vixen in the famous song “You Guy” by P-Unit in 2012.

She then started dating famous people including a Nigerian business man whom she dated for more than three years. Others include singer Otile Brown and currently she is dating coast based singer Brown Mauzo. The two have been blessed with a child.