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Vera Sidika ready for baby number two

Vera Sidika has denied rumors she is a mother of two but was quick to add that she is craving for a son.

In a question and answer session on her Instagram, one fan the socialite if she had another child.

Vera and her musician boyfriend Brown Mauzo welcomed a baby girl in 2021.

“How can I have another baby and you all don’t know. I’m obsessed with kids, he’d be all over my timeline like Asia,” read part of her post.

The socialite further stated that she is now craving a son which has left her fans speculating her plan to have another child soon. “I’m even craving for a son now,” she added.

When asked if she plans on having another child, the 32-year-old said that she does, hopefully soon.

“Yes, hopefully, 2023,” read her response. She further disclosed that she is planning on having three or four children.

The former Nairobi Diaries participant went ahead to reveal that ever since she gave birth to her daughter, Asia Brown, she has never hit the gym as she is lazy to work out. This follows a query by another fan who asked if she has ever gone to the gym as her body has bounced back to its natural glory. “Nope. No gym. I’m actually lazy. Can’t work out,” said the socialite.

Vera Sidika shocked her fans when she shared photos of herself back in shape only a month after giving birth. This led many women to flood her DM asking what she did to lose the pregnancy fat in such a short while.

Just a few weeks ago the socialite was baffled by questions about how she breastfeeds considering she has had breast surgery, to which she responded that she feeds normally and her surgery has not affected her ability to breastfeed.

In a photo shared by the socialite where she is seen breastfeeding her daughter, Ms. Sidika wrote, “I’m always breastfeeding 95% of the time. She sucks me dry! Aki My baby @princess_asiabrown is such a diva.”