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Vera Sidika reacts to TikToker Brian Chira’s recent online controversy

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 27th, 2023 2 min read

Popular socialite Vera Sidika has responded to TikToker Brian Chira’s recent confession, where he openly expressed his aspirations to follow in her footsteps and make a name for himself in the limelight.

In a video that caught the attention of many, Brian Chira was posed with a question regarding his Kenyan celebrity inspiration.

Without hesitation, he mentioned Vera Sidika, declaring his ambition to become the male counterpart of the well-known socialite. He boldly stated:

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“I want to be like Vera. I wanna be the male version of Vera Sidika. I will be a male socialite and don’t worry about how I will make money, but I know I will make money.”

Pressed further about what specifically inspires him about Vera, Chira cited her ability to disregard detractors and maintain an unwavering focus on her objectives.

“Continue talking, but she will continue making moves.”

Vera Sidika, upon seeing the video, shared it on her social media platform, expressing her support and encouragement for Chira’s aspirations.

She commended his determination and wrote:

“I like him. He knows exactly what he’s doing @chirabrian, do you, boo.”

Brian Chira initially gained public attention after appearing on television as a seemingly inebriated witness to an accident during his school days.

His unconventional presence and antics quickly thrust him into the spotlight, although not always for the right reasons.

“When I was trending I started doing that to show them that this is the guy you saw on TV,” he said.

On September 24, 2023, Chira once again made headlines for a different and controversial reason.

During a live broadcast on Instagram, he shocked viewers by undressing and engaging in inappropriate behavior on camera.

This act elicited outrage from many, with some calling for punitive measures against his Instagram account.

The incident ignited a debate on social media platforms, raising questions about the boundaries and responsibilities of content creators on such platforms.