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Vera Sidika shares another cryptic message after alleged split with Mauzo

Socialite Vera Sidika has shared yet another cryptic message after her alleged split with her baby daddy Brown Mauzo.

Rumours of the celebrity couple’s split began after Mauzo deleted Vera’s photos from his Instagram page and also unfollowed her.

She responded by fueling the rumours through her Insta stories.

While some still think she is clout chasing with her ‘breakup’ with Mauzo, Vera responded to the critics saying, “Breakups clouts are lame, overused and retired. I have never done break-up clout in over 5 years. I always have unique ideas if I wanna chase clout and y’all know it, not this. Please just stop forcing it. Not everything in life revolves around clout.”

She added, “I can never do a breakup clout anything else but that. Whatever happens, happens in real life and by the way, in case you did not know, not all breakups are caused by infidelity. There are lots of issues that contribute. Life happens. People break up and move on. Some breakup and fix issues. That is what life is all about. Never a smooth ride.”

Still insisting that her breakup with Mauzo is not for clout, Vera who has in the past deceived her fans by clout chasing shared, “But one thing about me, since the growth from past relationships, I have never done this. That is why nobody ever knew when I ended things with the Senegalese ex, Tanzanian ex until months later.”

Advising her fans not to clout chase in their relationship, the entrepreneur noted that fake breakups only invited negative energy in your relationship.

“It is like some kind of curse. It is either we have broken up or not. Or broke up and later resolved issues. Not break up for clout. It is childish and tiring.”

Vera and Mauzo began dating in October 2020. She joyfully announced their nuptials by posting a picture of herself being warmly embraced by the father of her two children.

She lovingly captioned the photo, “I married my best friend. My love for you, my husband @brownmauzo254, is immeasurable.”

The couple have been sharing their love on social media.

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