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Vera Sidika’s stunning post-baby body steals the show at RHON reunion

Fans of The Real Housewives of Nairobi are eagerly counting down the days to the much-anticipated two-part reunion special, which will air on 1 June and 8 June 2023.

A recently released trailer teases an exciting and dramatic event as host Fareed Khimani sits down with cast members Minne Kariuki, Susan Kaittany, Sonal Maherali, Vera Sidika, Lisa Christoffersen and Dr Catherine Masitsa to dissect and unpack the events of season one.

Vera showcases her post-baby-body two months after welcoming her second child with Brown Mauzo, a baby boy.

From the start of the reunion, it is clear that Minne and Lisa have some unresolved issues.

Minne enters the room, seemingly ignoring Lisa, setting the stage for a potential confrontation between the two housewives.

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Vera Sidika at the Real Housewives of Nairobi reunion. PHOTO| COURTESY

When questioned about her behaviour, Minne claims that she simply did not see Lisa, leaving viewers curious about the underlying tensions.

Another significant moment in the reunion is the strain on Susan and Sonal’s friendship, with hints of a possible alliance between Susan and Dr Catherine.

As emotions run high, Dr Catherine sternly warns Sonal: “Sonal, I’ve got more proof that you’re a pathological liar… I’m just getting started if you don’t shut up.”

Susan chimes in, adding, “By the way, shut up, Sonal, because if you want us to go there…”

These quotes foreshadow a fiery exchange and suggest that the authenticity of Sonal and Susan’s friendship will finally be revealed.

Throughout the season, fans have questioned the authenticity of Sonal and Susan’s relationship and the reunion promises to address these doubts head-on.

Viewers can expect an emotionally charged atmosphere as both Susan and Sonal are seen walking off stage, hinting at potential conflicts that will be explored in detail during the reunion.

There will also be a much-anticipated showdown between Minne and Susan, raising doubts about their relationship status despite their attempt at reconciliation in episode 9.

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Susan says cryptically, “There’s a lot to say,” to which Minne replies with a cutting remark about Susan’s appearance, “You should concentrate on your botched breasts: one is up like our taxes, one is down like our economy.

Vera, complaining about not being invited to Dr Catherine Masitsa’s event.

In an ironic twist, Vera sarcastically states that she wouldn’t have attended even if she had received an invitation.

This is Vera’s first appearance without her baby bump, as she has managed to keep the news of the birth of her second child under wraps until now.

Check out the stunning photos of Vera without her baby bump, showing off her radiant beauty in this exciting chapter of her life.

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