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Vera Sidika unleashes her dramatic ‘no make-up’ look

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has finally gathered the courage to share a ‘no-make-up-look’.

Ms Sidika took to Snap Chat and Instagram to share a short video of her bare look, leaving her fans impressed.

Many commended the bold move, saying she looked gorgeous without make-up.

Others taunted her for lying, stating that she had some foundation and lip gloss on.

Sidika looked quite different in her no make-up look, more like her younger, pretty self.

Vera Sidika in her no make-up look. PHOTO | COURTESY
Vera Sidika in her no make-up look. PHOTO | COURTESY

Her skin lightening seems to be treating her well as her face and neck look natural.

Those in favour of her new look included an Instagram user @ommo_its_gigi who commented, “Looking different but beautiful… i prefer no makeup.”

@mukami_maafrika commented, “For the first time I like what I see…”

Those who didn’t like her new look included @miz_kithinji who said; “Lets consider your real dark skin, no make-up and no bangs covering your forehead. I think you are cute but your self-esteem is down there… on that…you.ll be good…#motivationalmonday.”

@berylmartins added; “You’ve applied foundation and a little gloss…Please be honest.”

Sidika was also faulted for constantly lying about her age as she captioned the short video as “bare- no make up #FreshFace #Proudly21.”