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Vera Sidika’s ex-BFF Maxwell Mwamburi shamelessly thirsts after Juma Jux

By Winnie Mabel September 22nd, 2022 2 min read

Maxwell Mwamburi is a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer plus community.

He identifies as a female if photos of him dressed from head to toe are anything to go by.

On several occasions, he did not miss a beat to brag about how he is dating a male senior government official in Kenya and has been living a lavish lifestyle because of it.

The unnamed official allegedly bought him a car and took him to Villa Rosa Kempinski on their first date.

“Oh Zaddy, you too much!!! None of my friends has ever seen the Maxine side, my car, my Zaddy!! Nothing! I confuse them like tornados, hunnie,” Maxwell once gushed over his lover.

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Juma Jux
Juma Jux with a date. PHOTO | COURTESY

He also said that he has been dating his lover for over seven years and has had to be careful to keep their relationship on the down low.

One thing about these strong powerful government people, they will give you heaven on earth as long as you keep them low-key hunnie,” he further added.

It would now appear that the wandering eye is not exclusive to heterosexual relationships.

Mwamburi took to social media to shamelessly thirst over Tanzanian singer Juma Jux who enjoys fame in Kenya following his collaboration with Kenya’s Otile Brown for their ‘Regina’ song.

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He uploaded photos of Jux in various modes of dressing including one where he was in a boxer that prominently showed off his package.

“If I ever cheat on Zaddy, it has to be with Jux…damn. The first time I saw him was during this fashion show. Alipita karibu na mimi kidogo nizimie (he passed near me and I almost fainted).

Jux, I know you are lonely in that mansion…apart from kupika keki, mimi ni mpishi hodari wa vyakula tofauti tofauti vya asili ya kipwani (Aside from baking cakes, I am a great chef who can cook foods from the coastal region).

Jux, I mean business…kama gym nitaenda fitness, btw he sat across me that day…staring at me, I couldn’t stop sweating,” wrote Mwamburi on Instagram on September 20.

Following this, maybe it’s time for his Zaddy to show his face. Maybe Kenyans can finally know which government official this is?

Or will he remain in the closet as Kenya continues to shun homosexuality despite a section of Kenyans embracing the community?

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