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Vera Sidika’s mom shocked to learn she was legally married to Brown Mauzo

A video has emerged of socialite Vera Sidika confessing to her mother, Mrs Mung’asia, that she is legally married to singer Brown Mauzo.

The candid conversation has caused quite a stir online, with fans and followers eager to know more about Vera’s private life.

The emotional scene took place in one of the episodes of Real Housewives of Nairobi.

It took place during a family meal with her mother and brother Josh, shortly after Vera returned from one of her many international trips.

Reflecting on a difficult time in her life, Vera opened up about the measures she took to protect her children in the midst of her separation from Mauzo.

“I remember the time before I travelled, I had to, you know, fix the cameras and everything because I was going through this break-up situation with Brown. It was a really hard time. And I feel like my family was there for me. And I am really grateful, mum,” Vera shared.

Dressed in a bright orange African print, Vera’s mother offered words of wisdom, reminding her daughter not to let her past define her.

“Never let the past define your future,” she advised, her tone both comforting and firm.

In another revelation, Vera revealed that she and Mauzo legalised their marriage just a month after he proposed.

“He (Mauzo) proposed to me and the next month after the proposal we legalised our marriage,” she said, surprising her mother even more.

The conversation took another dramatic turn when Vera revealed her current plans to finalise her divorce from Mauzo.

“I am looking for a lawyer to finalise my divorce,” she announced, leaving her mother staring at her in disbelief.

Vera admitted that she had kept this information from her mother, even though her brother Josh was fully aware of the situation.

“My brother Josh knows everything that goes on in my life, but he keeps secrets,” she added.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo have two children together. They separated in 2023.