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Victoria Rubadiri reveals her Covid-19 test results

Citizen TV journalist Victoria Rubadiri has revealed her Covid-19 status after taking a test.

This comes just days after a number of her colleagues at the Royal Media Services, including her co-host Jeff Koinange, tested positive for the deadly virus.

The television presenter said that she will be more careful and go on observing protocols in order to ensure that those close to her are safe.

Citizen TV news reporter Stephen Letoo recently also confirmed that he had tested positive for the virus.

Both, who are in home-based care, said that they were asymptomatic and are feeling okay.

Koinange also revealed that members of his family were in great condition.

Prof Hamo who is Mr Koinange’s Co-host on a morning breakfast show on Hot 96 said that he had also tested negative as well.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter following Ms Rubadiri’s post: