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Victoria Kimani slams Kenyans’ lack of support for local musicians

Nigeria-based Kenyan musician Victoria Kimani has criticized Kenyans as the least supportive when it comes to music and arts.

Kimani camped on Twitter for the better part of Sunday saying majority of Kenyan artistes had to be appreciated abroad before their compatriots followed suit.

“The least supportive …. Kenyans make it hard for an artist to be an artist , this includes fashion art music acting whatever,” tweeted Kimani.

“Then get angry when we are appreciated elsewhere , this is heartbreak. We are the least patriotic people on this continent as it pertains to the arts.”


The Prokoto hit maker cited Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o who shone in America after failing to impress Kenyans when she featured in local productions.

“Lupita had to travel and be uplifted by others for you be proud #Kenyans. Life without art is hell….how can the Kenyan youth not have an interest in the arts ? Who robbed us of our self-expression?” posed Kimani, the first artist to be signed on Nigeria’s Chocolate City record label under their East African Arm.

The rant was informed by a research, a screenshot of which she shared on her account, showing that Kenyan youth had the least interest in music in the region.

The research (the pollster was not indicated) shows only 55 per cent of Kenyan youth care about music a stark contrast to Uganda’s 70 per cent, Tanzania (94 per cent), Nigeria (72per cent) and Mozambique (85 per cent).

“So..if Only 55% of Kenyan youth care about music, if a Kenyan Music Artist does not Travel, they are doomed to failure,” said Kimani.

She got support from Antoneosoul who retweeted her messaging commenting: “I have considered quitting music but somehow I have to keep pushing. Maybe one day… One day!!!”

Kimani replied: “You can’t quit….not an option”

Tedd Josiah also weighed in: “Africa will always respect Kenyan music when Kenyan’s (sic) learn to love their own sound.”