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VIDEO – Baba Gloria speaks after Whatsapp gaffe

A man who claims to have recently sent an explicit image to a Whatsapp group resulting in widespread reactions on social media has apologized for his actions.

The man who referred to himself as Vincent aka Baba Gloria attributed the act to a mistake.

He confessed to sending the image to a Whatsapp group created to raise funds for funeral expenses.

This social media gaffe excited Kenyans leading to the creation of funny jokes and memes.

“We created the WhatsApp group to fundraise for a proper sendoff of a deceased friend. I noted that one had made a contribution and wanted to thank him for it. Instead of sending a grateful emoji, I ended up sending a sticker which people are calling ill-mannered,” the father of two explained.

“It was by bad luck and I admit it is ill-mannered, but I believe it is to those who are not yet married. I’m defending that because it is not bad to have such kinds of photos or videos or stickers on your phone, as long as you’re married. I am married with two kids, Gloria and Sharon,” he added.

Baba Gloria also reiterated that he knows he did not trend for the right reasons, and what happened wasn’t commendable, but it is for the sole purpose of righting his wrongs that he decided to come out and apologize to Kenyans for the unfortunate incident.

“I did wrong and I take full responsibility. I apologize to Kenyans for the incident, but please I implore you to call me by my name, Vincent, not Baba Gloria, because Gloria is just a child and doesn’t deserve to be dragged into such matters.”

“I don’t apologize for the stickers sent or those I have, instead I want to advise Kenyans, I know everyone has such things on their phones, I also have them, including videos and that’s why I sent it to the group accidentally. I share with my wife and it is normal. I just want to tell Kenyans to be careful, especially when texting using emojis and stickers so that they don’t land in trouble like me,” he added.