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VIDEO: Is comedian MCA Tricky a real ‘chokora’?

Ever since he appeared on Churchill Show, many viewers have been wondering is he a real street child?

Meet rib-cracker MCA Tricky, whose entire on-screen persona revolves around portraying the life and stories of Nairobi street boys.

Arguably Kenya’s funniest man at the moment, MCA Tricky dropped out of primary school and came to Nairobi in search of greener pastures.

But after arriving in Nairobi, he got a big shock. He realized that life was not easy.

He ended up in Saika Estate along Kangundo Road where life took a turn for the worst.

At first, he started the hustle, helping businessmen who were transporting cabbages from Gikomba. With time, however, the people he was hanging out with introduced him to drug abuse.

He ended up being tossed from one abandoned house to another.



But in a case of grass to grace, today, the comedian puts a funny twist to his street experience to entertain and educate his fans on what it really feels like to be out on the streets.

“I use that character so people can stop overlooking the less fortunate; my character has changed people’s perceptions of street kids. Now people see me when they meet a chokara and they treat them like human beings. No one wakes up and decides to be a chokara, you just sink into it like a bad habit; it can happen to anyone. ”

The Nairobi News had a sit down with him at the famous ‘chokora’ hang out Jeevanjee Garden, where he gave us a shocking revelation.

Here’s the full story.