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Video emerges showing Pwani University bus veering off lane before fatal accident

A video has emerged of the accident involving a bus belong to Pwani University and a public service vehicle that claimed the lives of at least 12 people on Friday.

In the video caught by a dashboard camera in a vehicle that was being driven in the opposite direction, the university appears to have been speeding as it trailed a sports utility vehicle before it veered off the lane and into the oncoming lane in Nakuru County.

The bus, which had its headlights on at full glare and being flickered to warn oncoming motorists, appeared to side swipe other vehicles including the one in which the dashboard camera was set up in, forcing vehicles to give way onto the sides of the road.

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It is believed the breaks of the breaks failed as it came down a steep section of the road. The bus ended up crashing into a 14-seater matatu that was joining the main road after picking up a passenger by the road side. The bus then rolled into a ditch.

“The bus driver hooted continuously with the vehicle moving at high speed. The bus hit the matatu from the rear twice, before it landed on a ditch by the roadside,” said one eyewitness.

Members of the public mill around a ditch where this matatu landed after being involved in an accident with a university bus along the Naivasha-Nakuru highway. PHOTO | MACHARIA MWANGI

The accident occurred at Kayole Bridge along the Naivasha-Nakuru highway, a known black spot in the area. Naivasha Deputy County Commissioner Kisilu Mutua confirmed the number of fatalities but said more bodies could be trapped inside the bus. Survivors were rushed to the Naivasha Sub County Hospital.

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Here are some comments from Kenyans online who were stunned by the video.

“Waah! Yani the Harrier guy in front of the bus is just minding own business coz he’s on the right? My defensive driving instinct would never allow a bus, lorry or any other heavy vehicle that close to me in that speed especially downhill . I’d rather step aside and give them way! It would be a miracle if that Harrier driver survived,” said Yakhama Franh.

“From the look of things, the driver had already lost control of the bus, the headlights are on just to warn the oncoming traffic. Being on a flat surface the driver would have tried to downshift gears to control the speed, I don’t know if its panic or he was just moving the bus instead of driving. RIP,” added Emisiko Nandichi.

“So sad and maybe if we see oncoming vehicle has lights on and on wrong side just give way especially with the big cars also on a slope you might save a life,” said Nderitu Mwangi.