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VIDEO: Forget it, P-Square will never reunite – Rude Boy

By ELVIS SAMPERU January 22nd, 2019 2 min read

Nigerian artiste Rude Boy, also known as King Rudy, is one of the most respected artistes in Africa.

With a music career spanning over two decades, he has paved way for the new generation of artistes as a part of music duo P-Square and a solo act.

He is currently topping charts with his latest releases “Together” featuring Pato Ranking, “Somebody Baby” and “Reality”.

The talented songwriter has penned some of Africa’s greatest hits together with his twin brother including “Personally”, “Alingo” and “Do Me”.

Since going solo in 2017, Rude Boy has toured and performed at shows in the US, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Rwanda.

He was also a surprise act at the recently held Koroga Festival in Nairobi.

He sat down with Nairobi News for an interview and this is what he had to say.

How many years have you been in the music industry?
It should be clocking (thinking), professionally 20 years. I started singing when I was young in the church.

Which song would you say put you out there?
There is a difference between first hit and first break. First break I would say was “Busy body”, “Temptation” and the rest, but as of my biggest break then that would be “No one like you”, “Do me” et cetera.

What would you say sets you apart from everybody else?
As a musician, writer and producer, there is something I know I have that is a gift. Most of my songs come in a dream and I can testify that it is God that blesses it with me. They come as a sound in my head and when I wake up I just compose it from my head. That’s why I always tell people that I don’t think I am blessed, I am gifted. It’s from God, trust me, and he can take it away anytime.

What was the cause of P-Square’s fallout?
Everything was just about family. Everybody had a part that they were playing. Come to think of it actually, what I do is indoors. I spent more time in the studio and people don’t know that, my brother was out there. In fact my brother is more known than I am.

It’s just fortunate that I was the music composer and it’s when we separated that people realized that I was the brains behind the music.

I never saw this coming, I thought we were all working together for the greater good of the group but I now know better.

God has blessed me with twins and I will tell them when they get to a certain age that if they want to do anything together, it should be done professionally.

How did you get involved in Coke Studio 2019?
I was in Rwanda when my former manager called me and told me that Coke Studio wanted me. Based on my research and experience, Coke studio is not for everybody. If you’re not creative, if you can’t write, think fast then you can’t do it! I say Coke Studio is for studio gangsters.

Would P-Square re-unite in the future?
No, there are many secrets that have now been let out to the public domain. That stage has passed, new things have come. I have gone through a lot and I now respect myself and art. I am a genius!