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Video of Kenyan soldier catching cheating wife with his friend stuns KOT

By Winnie Mabel February 20th, 2023 3 min read

A video of a built Kenyan man in military uniform stunned Kenyans over the weekend as it went viral on Twitter.

When this article was published, it had been viewed 1 million times since being posted on February 18, 2023.

In the video, the angry soldier could be seen; and a man who was bare-chested and had a towel wrapped around his waist and standing in the doorway leading to a bedroom just off the sitting room.

As his anger continued gathering steam, the unnamed soldier demanded to know what the man was doing in his house and why he was bare-chested.

At this point, the military man removed his jacket and vest and began walking around like an angry, wounded lion.

At this point, his wife clutched her head in worry and fear, seemingly comprehending the trouble she was in.

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The soldier went toward his wife, held her hair in a rough grip as he demanded to know why the man was in his house where he paid the bills and took care of everything to give her a good life- and then appeared to hit her before he pushed her onto a couch, ordering her to remain seated.

A couple of strangers in the house attempted to pacify the military man, telling him to relax but this only served to anger him further. As he headed towards the bedroom door where the bare-chested man had run to lock himself inside just as he was about to receive a beating, it emerged that the military man had been in his house for an hour and the bare-chested man had been hiding in the bedroom the entire time. The offender was also revealed to be a friend of the military man for many years.

“Bro, what are you doing in my house? Open this door! You, tell this man to open the door. Come out we talk so that I can leave my wife to you the way you want,” commanded the soldier, turning to his wife and telling her to tell the clandestine lover to open the door.

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The person recording the video turned to the caught woman, revealing that she was bleeding from her face as he asked the military man not to hurt her because one punch “could end her.”

The bare-chested man from the bedroom claimed he had come to check on something in the house, leaving an angry military man demanding to know what exactly required him to take an hour to check on.

In defense, the woman claimed the man had come to fix something in the house and had excused himself to use the bedroom. She also told her husband that if he wanted to kill her, he should go ahead and do it.

The video, however, left Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) divided with many saying the clip was scripted as others agreed that another man’s woman is a no-go zone.

“When my brother saw the uniform he knew his time on God’s green earth had come,” said Khaimati.

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“Scripted. I remember some years back in kitui town jamaa alitoka army kufika kwa nyumba akapata wife na ndume ingine (the man left the army and when he got home, he found his wife with another man), he just told the man to walk out…bibi alikula risasi sita (and then he shot his wife six times)” added Elly Sam.

“Inaeza kua (It might be) scripted…but the camera guy and recording is happening cause the guy was there to propose and wanted it recorded, kufika kwake (on arriving home) the wife is being very defensive…the whole saga is on YouTube,” said Ken Lucid State.

“There’s a lady who used to hit on me and I was entertaining it until I found out she was married & the husband is a military man. I had to cut her off bana. Shida zingine ni za kujiletea (Some problems we face we just bring them on ourselves),” added Alex Tush.

Many were of the opinion that the message in the video was the most important part and the video was retweeted 1,652 times.

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