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Video: President Ruto prays for KDF heading to DRC for peace keeping mission

On Wednesday, the commander in chief of the armed forces, President William Ruto, wore a different hat during a state function, that of a ‘spiritual leader’.

Dr. Ruto did not only hand over a flag to the Kenya Defence Forces troops heading to the Democratic Republic of Congo for a peacekeeping mission but prayed for their safety as well.

“Heavenly Father, before you are men and women from the Kenya Defence Forces. They are on a mission to protect humanity, to protect mothers and children and people, our brothers and sisters in DRC,” President Ruto said in prayer.

“We pray for them, Heavenly Father, as they execute this mandate that you’ll go ahead of them, and protect these men and women. Giver wisdom to their commanders.

Give them favour even as they work with other forces and as they work with the people of DRC.

You’ve promised us your peace that goes beyond human understanding.

We pray for Heavenly Father even as these men and women work to create stability and security in DRC, you will give them the know-how, the knowledge, and most importantly, protect them.

We commit ourselves and them and their families to your safekeeping. Even as they leave today, and the days to come, we pray for them, Heavenly Father. Because we pray in Jesus’ name, amen.”

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Watch the president commit the soldiers to prayer in the video below.

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He has been leading prayers at the State House since he took over the office.

The president said that even as DRC makes its effort to restore peace, its neighboring nations must stand together with it until peace is fully restored.

“I believe we owe a brotherly duty of solidarity to meet DRC halfway and stand together until the job is done.”

He said that the state of insecurity in DRC is of tremendous concern to the region and humanity.

Also, the president said that KDF officers are well-trained to take up the position in DRC and the region.

The president added that he consulted with other Heads of State in the region about the situation in DRC.

He said that it is the responsibility of the region’s Heads of state’s responsibility to confront criminals, terrorists, and armed groups.

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