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WATCH: Videos of vlogger Natalie Tewa’s nasty break up emerge

Video clips have surfaced on social media on the nasty breakup of  Kenyan Vlogger Natalie Tewa with her Ugandan boyfriend Rnaze.

In one of the video clips, Tewa can be seen banging at a door and attempting to push it open after she allegedly thrown out of the house by Rnaze in the middle of the night.

The commotion woke up her neighbors, one of them deciding to record the events and sharing the clips on social media.

Tewa can be heard shouting and asking her friend to get in touch with her mother, whom she claims can handle the situation when it comes to her safety.

Neighbours who  gathered to witness the drama can be heard trying to convince her to stop banging the door, urging her to return the next day to collect her personal items.

“Please call your mom to come and get you,” a female voice can be heard.

In another clip, Tewa is seen dressing up while she argues with Rnaze.


“I have no say in this relationship. Like I don’t pay rent, I don’t pay bills, I don’t do shit in this relationship. Like that TV is not mine, like I didn’t pay for that table, like that couch is not mine.”

In a third clip, Rnaze can be seen kicking Tewa out as he locks the door in full glare of the neighbours.

Rnaze has accused Natalie of cheating on him when he left for a trip to Uganda.

“She cheated. I ended it. Came back from Uganda to a terrible surprise. I was only gone four days,” Rnaze wrote on social media on Wednesday night.

On her part, Tewa claims that she did not cheat and that their relationship had been strained for a while now.

For the better part of Thursday morning, the couple trended on social media after news went out that they  were no longer an item.

The two were previously viewed as “couple goals” (a couple to envy) as they flooded their timelines with photos of their “baecations” and travel adventures in  exotic destinations.