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Vijana Barubaru’s epic ‘simping’ letter to Andrew Kibe, Amerix

By Winnie Mabel February 14th, 2023 2 min read

Among notable Kenyans who promote toxic masculinity and shame men for having feelings for their significant others are controversial America-based blogger Andrew Kibe, Twitter blogger Amerix and to some extent, controversial Pastor James Ng’ang’a.

Kibe and Amerix enjoy using the word ‘simping’ to shame men who are in touch with their feelings and are not afraid to publicly show love and affection for their partners.

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And so, in one of their songs written for artist Tuku Kantu, Afro-pop music group Vijana Barubaru wrote a song about true love and in it were messages to Kibe, Amerix and Andrew Tate, a British-American toxic misogynist media personality and influencer who was recently arrested on allegations of human trafficking, rape and leading an organized crime group.

“We as @VIJANA BARUBARU have a message for you this valentine’s. True Love Is Not Simping. Don’t shy away from expressing love to your loved ones. ❤️❤️❤️,” the group captioned their video of them writing the lyrics to the song.

“Dear Andrew Kibe, men’s conference raundi hii sikuji (this time I’m not coming to the men’s conference), niko na wa kuniandalia kipindi, kutokubali mapenzi ni vitimbi (refusing love is just drama).

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Dear Andrew Tate, I am pleased to announce I’ll be simping for the one that is simping for me. I’m simply informing you nimepata (I’ve found) a love that’s true. I hope this letter finds you well. Amerix, masculinity iko (is) intact, so warrior in fact the lines are well drawn, and for my new friend hakuna mbali siwezi fika (there is no place I won’t go).

Chief Commander Pastor Ng’ang’a, ukiwaombea huko (as you pray for them at the) men’s conference, wakataze (warn them against) self-love ya Arimis.

I hope they find what found me. I feel loved like her favorite song. She plays my voice notes on repeat, my bank of love, mwenye (the owner of the) kitty. True love is not simping. For her I’ll be Mandonga with the fists, true love is not simping,” read the group’s musical letter.

Kibe and Amerix are known to trend for being crude and offensive when it comes to conversations about love- always alleging that women are evil and take advantage of men when it should be the other way around.

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