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Villagers declare war on hyenas after night attack

December 15th, 2015 1 min read


Residents of Duka Moja in Narok East have warned that they will track down and kill hyenas that attacked and killed seven of their sheep on Sunday night.

The angry residents said they will emulate their kinsmen in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve who poisoned a pride of lions that killed a cow.

This is after hyenas raided a sheep den at Olosharu village at around 3 am and killed sheep worth approximately Sh 90,000 while the owner was asleep.

Mr Samson Toris, a resident, said they could not establish the number of hyenas that raided the home of his sister in-law Ms Kisamei Toris.

Mr Toris lamented that the hyenas have been terrorizing the area for a long time, even after Kenya Wildlife Service officers were informed of the matter last year.

“After last night’s incident, the hyenas ran away leaving the family with trail of losses,” he said. He said the family owns more than 100 sheep and fears the hyenas will be back soon.

Narok County Kenya Wildlife Service Senior Warden Collins Omondi said his officers will put up a trap to capture the hyenas and trace their hideout.