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Vioja Mahakamani prosecutor appeals for financial help

Veteran actor Gibson Mbugua popularly known as kiongozi wa mashtaka from his prosecutor role in the court drama series Vioja Mahakamani requires your help.

The actor is now appealing for financial help from Kenyans to get a Kidney transplant.

An appeal he shared on social media saying that he is set to undergo a Kidney transplant at Mediheal Hospital in Eldoret.

“Gib has been managing Diabetes for 20+ years now, but some time in November 2020 his kidneys failed hence he has been going for dialysis twice a week. This has drained his family financially.

“The good news is that he has a donor and the purpose of this is to help him raise medical funds estimated to be between 5-6 million for a kidney transplant scheduled for July 2022 at the Mediheal Hospital, Eldoret. The said amount is inclusive of post-surgery treatment for the recipient,” reads the appeal.

The fundraising for the Vioja Mahakamani actor is scheduled for June 11, 2022, at the City Hall, Nairobi from 2pm.

Vioja Mahakamani is one of Kenya’s pioneer comedy series and one of the country’s most popular television shows. The show has been broadcast for over 25 years on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

In 2017, the show made a return after years of being off-air with a new cast in which the former actors bashed the new cast that took up their roles.

The management decided to revamp the popular courtroom drama show by roping in some new young faces including comedian Dr Ofweneke, Nice Githinji, Maasai – among others.

According to the veteran actors, the new cast simply can’t match up to what they had created before.

“It doesn’t surprise us that the new show does not have good ratings because what we had built in the show took us years. The new cast surely can’t match that simply because many people tuned in to watch us in Vioja Mahakamani,” says Lucy Wangui who played Judge.

Mbugua was one of the pioneer faces of the local entertainment scene and his no-nonsense approach, similar to the one employed by actual prosecutors in courts, made him a fan favourite.