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Vipindiree? Behind the Amber Ray, Kennedy Rapudo breakup

Instagram influencer Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, and her ex-fiancé, Kennedy Rapudo, recently announced and confirmed their break up.

This was after people thought they had been clout-chasing ahead of the baby shower party she is set to host for their daughter who will be born in about six weeks.

However, that was not the reason- and neither party wanted to reveal what the reason behind their third- and possibly final- breakup was, only citing that people would know the truth as soon as the baby was born.

Rapudo sparked a debate about whether the baby was his after making that statement but later confirmed that without a doubt, the baby was his.

This took people back to the drawing board to guess what the reason behind the breakup of this couple was, considering how they overshare on social media but chose to remain secretive with this.

Well, Nairobi News is throwing one more guess into the hat. Kennedy Rapudo could have been a habitual liar and this caused the break up.

Following their getting back together, whirlwind relationship, blending their families, getting pregnant and showing off their soft life on social media, one person came out claiming that prior to Rapudo meeting Amber, he had been a small-time person who drove a Mazda Demio but as soon as he touched some ‘small money’, he was suddenly living the high life.

He allegedly went and got a Range Rover because Amber Ray loves and is attracted to people who drive Range Rovers.

Speaking of the Range Rover, it was also revealed that the vehicle was registered in another older woman’s name, and Rapudo wouldn’t explain why that was the case, only telling people to mind the business that paid them.

Prior to the breakup, Rapudo had also been warned by a section of Kenyans that Amber Ray was a woman who demanded high financial maintenance- judging from her infamous past with rich, married men- and that he would pay through the nose to keep her by his side. He did not listen.

Following the breakup and throwing subtle shade at each other, either party showing how life was good, or even better, without their former partner, it would appear Kennedy Rapudo hinted at what could have been the reason for their breakup. He shared videos of himself golfing with friends and captioned them using Rick Ross, French Montana and Diddy’s Nobody song and the alleged proof was in the pudding.

“Momma’s tryna save me but she don’t know I’m tryna save her
Man, them niggas tried to play me, man, ’til I got this paper
You’re nobody ’til somebody kills you

“Blast for me” – the last words from my nigga
On the pavement, born killers, body shivers
Drug money, dollar figures
Hustlers movin’ out of rentals, art of war is mental
Havin’ sushi down in Nobu
Strapped like an Afghan soldier, nowhere to go to
So it’s bang, no survivors Only riders on my rider, murder rate rises
Stalkin’ niggas on their IG’s, never; I be
Still solo, Under Armour still Polo
No wire, on fire
My desire for fine things made me a liar, a shooter
Gettin’ high feelin’ like it’s vodou
Nine lives, SK with the cooler
Makaveli in the ‘Rari, still B-I double G, I, E
I pray you smoke with me
Go to bed with a kilo like Casino
Janet Reno, we all we got the creed of Nino
Pretty cars in the driveway

If you cut it then you sideways, double up, crime pays,” sang Montana and Ross respectively in the opening verses.

Nairobi News wondered if Kennedy Rapudo had become a liar because of wanting fine things in life, but the lies had become too much to remember and disastrous that they led to a break up. Nairobi News also wondered, based on the song, if Amber Ray had been trying to reel him in from the fast life and failed because all he wanted was to make a lot of money.

Well, you can add these speculations to the hat in the ring in addition to other claims including that Amber Ray cheated on Kennedy Rapudo and he wasn’t going to stick around. This was made possibly credible after Amber Ray began following and bantering with her infamous married ex-boyfriend, Jimal Roho Safi, who went on to give her a Range Rover.

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