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Here’s a viral challenge which Kenyans are reluctant to take up

Kenyans online are known for taking up viral challenges and making them trend as much as they can, while at the same time having fun.

But there is a new viral challenge spreading across social media which Kenyans seem reluctant to take up.

The “Trashtag Challenge” is inspiring people on Twitter and Instagram to pick up trash and clean up any litter they stumble upon.

Forget about the Steve Mbogo Challenge or the 10 Year Challenge!

The latest viral challenge is a lot more meaningful, especially if you live in Nairobi, a city that is infamous for uncollected garbage.


According to Mashable, the initial trend started in 2015 when an outdoor lighting company called UCO created the hashtag to encourage people to pick up after themselves while out in the wilderness.

To participate in the challenge, one only needs to look out for a place that is filled with litter or overflowing trashcan, clean it up, and share before and after photos online using the hashtag #Trashtag.

Just imagine the transformation Nairobi would experience if Nairobians took up the challenge.

Perhaps, Governor, Mike Sonko, could even be the one to lead the way.

Here are of the people who have shared the #trashtag challenge.