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Viral ‘Mwaki’ singer Sofiya Nzau clarifies song credit controversy

Sofiya Nzau, the talented Kenyan musician behind the viral Kikuyu hit ‘Mwaki,’ has addressed the recent controversy surrounding the lack of credit for her vocals on the chart-topping song.

The artist explained her side of the story in response to widespread questioning from fans after Brazilian producer Zerb was credited instead.

Sofiya Nzau revealed on her Instagram page that she has been actively creating vocal packs and sharing them on various platforms, allowing producers worldwide to access and use them in their projects.

The vocals for ‘Mwaki,’ it turns out, were sourced from one of these platforms.

“Over the last few years, I’ve been doing vocal packs and placing them on various websites where artists and songwriters get exposure and also get to pay their bills. So that’s where the amazing producer who did the song, Mwaki, got the vocals from, made the beat for the song, and made a hit,” explained Sofiya.

Despite the uproar on social media over the song credits, Sofiya came to the defense of Zerb, emphasizing that producers typically aren’t required to credit vocalists when using such accessible vocal packs.

She clarified that Zerb rightfully utilized the vocals from one of those platforms to create the sensational track.

“Normally, the producers are not expected to credit the vocalists since the vocals are accessible to many. So Zerb rightfully used the vocals from one of those platforms and made the song,” Sofiya clarified.

Sofiya expressed gratitude towards Zerb and his team for ensuring she benefited financially from the success of ‘Mwaki.’ The artist acknowledged their agreement, stating:

“We have an agreement to make sure I benefit from the song and its success financially, which I’m truly grateful to Zerb and his team.”

Nairobi News attempted to reach out to Sofiya Nzau’s management for further insights, but they conveyed that the artist was currently unavailable for interviews.

“Thank you very much for your interest and for reaching out. Unfortunately, Sofiya is not taking any interviews at the moment. She’s swamped with clearing existing studio projects. However, should that change, her management will reach out to you.”

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